Cosplay is often associated with anime, "a style of animation that originated in Japan" (pachmoedius, 2005), which is an important part of everyday life in Japan (MacWilliams, 2014). However, nowadays anime is not only popular in Japan, but has become popular all over the world. There are even animations on TV in many countries, such as the famous Pokémon series.

Cosplayers generally tend to compliment others on a regular basis, both online and offline. Routinely refer to each other's cosplays as satisfying, even if you're not sure what the other is cosplaying right now. Also supporting cosplayers' delightful argument is hugs. Whenever you meet other cosplayers, you give each other a hug. In the role-playing world, there are even people walking around with signs and symptoms of "free hugs" at conventions.

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